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LIB 10A Summer 2010

Page history last edited by Frank Hoppe 13 years, 10 months ago

Welcome to Library 10A

Summer 2010 Section 8797


This is the class Wiki. You will be able to communicate amongst yourselves and with your instructor (me) using this very simple web site. You will also have an opportunity to create your own page that will be a part of this class wiki.


Check these out:

How the Web Works

Evaluating information on the Web


Now locate this section's folder, either in the Navigator to the right, or on the "Pages & Files" tab above.

Create your own page, by clicking "Create a Page" in the upper right side of this page, an dplace you page in your subfolder with this section's folder.


Call, email, or send me a comment if you get stuck. In any case, we'll all go through the process together in our next class, where we'll also go over what happens for the next step in the project.


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